2 x Swivel Boat Seats

Worked for each atmosphere condition and the sturdiness of a calculating enthusiast, the seat covers are not affected by the atmosphere, effects of salt water rusting or overpowering presentation of UV bars.


This is a particularly fabricated thing, made of strong generous commitment formed plastic and UV safe PVC. This is a truly solid thing while including an in the current style look to your watercraft.

The seats can be securely fastened while not being utilized by method for a game plan of press studs and straps. These seats in like manner go with a swivel base which allows the seat to pivot and be safely arranged on the seat point. So at any rate you use your vessel, these seats will without a doubt amazement your guests and yourself.


* Built for each and every Weather Condition

* Comfortable padded seats

* Marine-grade UV and development safe vinyl

* Stainless Steel utilization safe settings

* Swivel Base for Enhanced Convenience

* Press Studs and Straps for Secured Positioning

* Color: Gray/Blue

* Overall Dimensions: 52 x 35 x 45cm


Pack Contents


2 x Boat Seat

2 x Swivel Base

2 x Stainless Steel Screw

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