What to look for in a real estate agent?

If you plan to buy a new home or sell your home, you will be more than likely searching for a real estate agent that can help you through the process. You probably have several questions coming to mind as how to find a good real estate agent that can help you find your dream home or sell your home within a short amount of time. The way to find a realtor with your best interests at heart is to look for certain qualities.

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The qualities of a great real estate agent include:

A good listener
You need a realtor that listens to what you desire in a home as well as one that understand your price range. If you have a realtor that you have explained the highest amount you wish to go for a home is $150,000 but all they want to show you are homes in the $200,000 and up range, then you have a terrible real estate agent. The same goes for the area you have chosen to live. If the realtor is way off track giving you a list of home that are not in the area you have chosen, once again you have a terrible realtor. This means that you certainly do not have a real estate agent that is listening to you.

Works with you
A great real estate agent will gather a list of homes in your price range in the location you desire with the amenities you deserve. They will go with you or meet you at each location and provide you with all the information they can learn regarding the home such as the age of the home, any recent repairs, etc… They will be there during the appraisal of the home and answer any of the questions you may have, help you paperwork, and even provide you with a list of lending companies if you need.

Be objective
You want an objective real estate agent whether you believe it or not. More than likely you are going to fall in love with a house shortly after beginning your search. However, if you have given your realtor a list of what you expect in a home (which you should have), then your realtor will be objective and point out the items on your list that this home may not have. Some of the things could be smaller yard, not close to schools, or whatever. A great real estate agent will point out the items on your list so you can see that this home may not be the perfect fit. You may be happy at first, but later on, you may decide that this home did not meet your needs. Your realtor wants you to find the perfect dream home, if not then you not be as happy with your real estate agent.

Market Wise
A good real estate agent will know the market in the given area, know what areas are high crime, where the schools are located, and other attractions and activities. A professional realtor will know the area they live and work in to better serve their clients.

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